How to tie a bow on a blouse

How to tie a bow on a blouse

To decorate an ordinary blouse, many efforts are not required. Enough it is only beautiful to tie a bow, and the thing at the moment changes. How to make it? Some ways of setting for certain will sometime be useful to you.

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Throw a neck with a long narrow scarf the ends forward. Cross them under a chin. Further the end which is from below, wind a neck, and then pass it through the opening formed between it and the top end so that the cloth wound round a neck supported him. Such way of setting is used often by judges or priests, but also in a daily situation such ornament will look quite appropriate and actually both on women, and on men.


Accurately put a small square scarf an accordion. When fabric takes a form necessary to you, throw a scarf over a neck and execute incomplete knot. At the end do not forget to straighten the ends that your dress looked properly. There is one more way of setting of a scarf with effect of an accordion. Performed by it is simpler, than previous. It is necessary to throw simply with a scarf a neck and to tie ordinary knot, having straightened the ends. Plus consists in that that, despite simplicity of execution, such use of an accessory will look very unusually at the expense of structure of material.


Put a scarf or a scarf in half and throw it over a neck. Cross the ends, one of them wrap up another so that then to pull out it from above, and then to stretch it behind the second. Further take the lower end and pass it through the received knot. It was necessary only to stretch the top end for the best appearance down. At the end do not forget to straighten knot accurately. The result reminds a tie therefore it is available also to men who can drape so thin scarf atop, say, of a jumper. To women the knot not under a throat, and at the level of a breast is recommended to arrange. It will look more womanly and distinguished.


Correctly select color of a bow under a blouse. Many do not attach it significance, but the combination of flowers substantially influences, whether ornament on clothes looks.