How to look for in Skype of people

How to look for in Skype of people

Skype - the special program for online communication between the users who are in the different ends of the country and even world. Opportunity to correspond not only, but telephone and video talk became fundamental difference of Skype from other messengers. Search and addition of new contacts does not present special complexity to Skype.

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Search of new contacts in Skype is possible only in case you know something about the user: login, postal address or phone. To start search of people in Skype start the Skype program. Become authorized by means of login and the password.


Upon termination of loading of the list of contacts left-click mice on the main window of the program (with the list of contacts) for activation. Press Kontakty group in the control panel above.


Choose the Add New Contact command. In a new window enter those data on the user of Skype which know: login, mobile phone or e-mail.


Find the found contact which interests you in the list. Press the Add button.