How to establish installation

How to establish installation

Various codecs and programs serve for the correct and stable operation of computers. As a rule, all programs which need to be established, go in the form of installation, and most of novice users has no concept how to establish installation from a disk.

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Turn on the personal computer or the laptop where installation will be made. Your personal computer surely has to have DVD-ROM or CD ROM.


Take a disk on which programs or codecs necessary for you contain, insert into the disk drive of the car. Wait until the system finds and automatically starts a disk. In case automatic start did not happen, execute a number of the following actions.


Open "My computer". Choose the disk drive, having clicked the specified disk with double click of the left button of a mouse. Find appropriate section in the opened menu. Come into the necessary section (office programs, multimedia, programs for the Internet and others).

Choose the program, necessary for establishment, or the codec. Remember, any install file will have the .exe expansion.


Start the file, having clicked it two times with the left button of a mouse or having allocated and having pressed "enter". Automatically the way of installation will be a disk "C", you can change a way, having specified any other, however it is not recommended to make installation of programs on other local disks as their misoperation in the subsequent is possible. Wait for completion of installation. Press "ok" or "is ready".


Reboot system. After installation of the program or the codec there can also be a choice between "to reboot now" and "to postpone action". In that case it is necessary to put a tick in the reboot point as after such action the codec or the program will fully work at your car.


If for any reason to establish from a disk it was not possible or the necessary program is absent there, you can always download necessary material from the Network and in the same way establish on the personal computer. It is rather simple to start the install file downloaded in the specified place and to execute all further actions by the same principle, as well as at installation from a disk. Do not forget to reboot OS of the personal computer after installation.