As all to be in time, when in the house the child

As all to be in time, when in the house the child

When in a family there is a small child, young mother faces the mass of efforts and does not manage to redo all household chores. Besides, she is tired after each such day, and on rest time does not remain to time at all. To start living in a different way, it is necessary to plan everything carefully.

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Many mothers devote the whole day to the child, and household chores start only when the baby falls asleep. And here most of women makes the main mistake – all try to remake at once. As a result you accumulate the mass of unfinished affairs. Accurately plan the time: every day devote weeks only to one occupation. For example, Monday - cleaning, Tuesday - washing, Wednesday - an ironing, etc.

Make the menu for the week ahead. It will help you and when planning purchases, and in a food preparation time.

Distribute affairs so that independently to do only urgent things: walk with the kid, cooking and so forth. – an ironing, cleaning, etc. - postpone all the rest until arrival of the father or someone from the native. Ask them to stay with the child until quietly redo all planned work.

Try to avoid excess affairs. Analyse what of your actions constantly are useless. For example, cleaning of toys which in a minute the child again scatters on all apartment. And you continually go after it and bring together them in a box. Do not spend in vain the forces, nerves and precious time. Clean toys only before going to bed of the kid. Entrust this occupation to the father and when the baby a little grows up in the evening, involve in establishing order and it. Over time this duty completely will lay down on his shoulders.

If you do not get enough sleep at night, have surely a rest together with the kid in his lunch dream. Bring it in the plan. After all because of chronic fatigue working capacity strongly decreases.

Take care of yourself. Do not wait that someone will make it for you. At least once in a week afford deserved rest. Arrange shopping, please yourself with long-awaited new things, make to the girlfriend an appointment in cafe, visit theater, an exhibition or look at a premiere of the new movie at movie theater. Do not forget to do breaks in everyday routine. It will provide you with additional energy and will present a positive spirit. And you everything will be always in time.