How to spend together time

How to spend together time

When you look for the partner for joint carrying out free time, it is necessary to consider also its interests. Therefore it is necessary to think over the program of entertainments in advance and to agree on it with the companion. How to spend together free time without damage of interests of both partners, we will consider further.

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If the meeting of old acquaintances is scheduled and the main goal is pursued – to have a good long talk with all the heart, it is necessary to choose a quiet place that extraneous noises did not interfere with conversation. Little-known cafes, restaurants can become such place cozy on the atmosphere also. Walk on the central square of the city will allow to take pleasure not only conducting heart-to-heart talks, but also fresh air, beauty of the nature and singing of birds.


If there is a wish to vanish and spend free time the brightest impressions, visit of the amusement park, karting, bowling of club, theater, etc. will become ideal option.


Friends can spend together time with pleasure also at home. For example, to stage a contest of culinary skill in kitchen, having prepared couple of dishes which will be estimated by all family. Or to arrange the dramatized representation, having dramatized a favourite action an episode from the known saga, for example.


The company of friends will like joint carrying out time on picnic. Here it is possible not only to gorge on much shish kebabs, but also to run about behind a flounce, playing badminton, to leave an UFO, to organize small teams on game in soccer. And if near the vacation spot the lake, a pond or the small river is located, and weather has a kind feeling to bathing, it is possible to arrange safely the Olympic heats, to catch fish or to drive on catamarans (in a case when the boat pier is at a place). For certain nearby there is a wood in which berries, mushrooms, useful herbs and flowers grow. To braid in hair a wreath from field inflorescences, to sunbathe on a green grass – will give considerable pleasure to couple of having a rest friends, lovers or family people with children.