How to smoke a hookah-1

How to smoke a hookah-1

The esthetics of smoking of a hookah assumes the weakened atmosphere and the cozy room. For this reason in many entertaining institutions there are hookah rooms or halls. There are also some secret rules which should be observed during smoking.

It is required to you

- hookah
- nippers for coal
- tobacco (maassel)
- water
- replaceable mouthpiece

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In order to avoid unpleasant consequences do not smoke a hookah on a hungry stomach. Even more dangerously – to add hard alcoholic drinks to a flask. It can lead to intoxication and poisoning, after all smoking of a hookah – process in itself not harmless. Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke a hookah at the same time. It is best of all to make green tea or karkade.

Accept a relaxed pose. For this purpose in specialized benches or in the same hookah rooms there are small pillows on which it is possible to sit or settle down reclining. If the hookah high, it has to stand on a floor and if you decided to try its decorative mini-version, it can be put on a low little table.

During smoking involve in yourself a smoke through a mouthpiece. Inhalation has to be followed by gurgle of liquid which you poured in a flask. There are no certain rules of smoking, on the contrary, the hookah esthetics is contradicted by imposing of "the" way of inhalation or a delay of a smoke. The main thing to do breaks at least in a couple of minutes. Surely use a replaceable mouthpiece, differently the risk is great to catch an infectious disease.

If during smoking you felt bitter smack, it is necessary to check tightness of all device. As a rule, the damaged tube can become the reason of trouble. In this case it is necessary to stop smoking, at least until the tube is not replaced by the new.

One session of smoking lasts 25-30 minutes until tobacco burns through. After that it is better to throw out it. Also it is desirable to stop, but not to light up the new. The matter is that hours-long process of pleasure a fragrant smoke and slow talk creates illusion of loss of time. At the same time after long smoking there can "unexpectedly" be a nausea, dizziness or other troubles.