How to prepare cutlets nests?

How to prepare cutlets nests?
This dish quite good alternative to classical meat cutlets. It much more usefully and especially the recipe will please those who is for some reason compelled to refuse fried food. Cutlets in an oven and without eggs prepare.

Necessary products

700 grams of mincemeat (or chicken)
Two bulbs
One crude potato
200 grams of fresh mushrooms (not necessarily)
Greens of fennel and parsley
Some garlic gloves
Coriander, black ground pepper and salt to taste
Half-teaspoon of prepared mustard
Two tomatoes
Two sweet pepper
Mayonnaise, ketchup – on a tablespoon


To scroll meat on the meat grinder together with one bulb, garlic, potato and mushrooms. To add seasonings and spices, mustard. Small to crumble greens, it has to be much, and too add to forcemeat. It is good to vent. To cut tomatoes, a bulb and pepper circles.

To lay a baking sheet baking paper. To make round cutlets of forcemeat, to lay out on a baking sheet. To mix mayonnaise and ketchup and to grease with a brush or a spoon a surface of cutlets. To put on everyone an onions circle, to grease with mix from mayonnaise and ketchup, to put a tomato circle – again to grease, put a ringlet of pepper and once again to grease. Slightly to press vegetables into forcemeat that when roasting they did not move down from cutlets. From above it is possible to strew with grated cheese. To bake 30 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.