How to read the message of MMS

How to read the message of MMS

MMS represents the multimedia message which may contain various objects, for example, of the image, animation, sound files, a large number of the text, cards from the telephone book.

It is required to you

- phone;
- the computer with the Internet.

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Be convinced that your phone supports function of MMS messages. For this purpose pass into the Messages point, choose "Settings/Parameters". In the list "Messages of MMS" have to be specified. Select this item to make control of obtaining MMS messages for phone. Usually settings are in the section "Configurations/settings".

Pass to the site of the operator to establish connection parameters. Also you can send the message on special number to order receiving automatic settings for your phone. It is possible to recognize him or on the site, or having called the operator. Use the following links for the MMS control on phone: MTS (Russia) –; MTS (Ukraine) –; Megafon –; Beeline –, Kiyevstar –

Read the MMS message on the site of your operator if your mobile phone does not support this function. Usually in this case instead of a MMS you receive a SMS message approximately with such text "On your number is received by a MMS. That to read it, follow the link and enter an access code". Usually the period of storage of such messages on the server of the operator makes 3-4 days.

Follow the link specified in SMS enter a code of access which you got in the corresponding field. Further you will be redirected on the page on which will be able to look at the MMS message sent you. Some operators give the chance to keep these messages, and also to answer them on the same page.