How to stick together Father Frost

How to stick together Father Frost

Many look forward to New year, preparing for it all family. Before this holiday occupy the child with plasticine Father Frost's molding! Collaboration very much pulls together, and the child will like the toy made the hands.

It is required to you

- plasticine

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You need plasticine of several flowers. Most of all you will spend plasticine of that color of which you will do a fur coat. Usually it dark blue or bright red flowers. Plasticine of this color it is necessary one or two whole pieces depending on the figure size. Still you need white plasticine - from it there will be a collar, mittens and a beard, pink - for the person, brown or gray - for valenoks, and also black - for eyes and yellow - for stars on a fur coat.


Stick together a trunk fur coat. Make the figure similar to a bell of blue or red plasticine. From white plasticine roll two sausages – one more long, the second is shorter. Paste one to a hem is there will be a fur edge. Will attach the second vertically, having connected to the lower. Make a round white ball, a splusnita it and paste in the top part is a fluffy collar, after all Father Frost has to have a warm fur coat.


Now roll from the same plasticine of which did a fur coat, a thick long sausage are there will be sleeves. Stick them on bell top. By the end of each sleeve attach white mittens.


Roll a ball head from pink plasticine. To it attach a white magnificent beard and white long hair. Make a nose of a small slice of pink plasticine, paste it to the middle of the face of Father Frost.


Then make two small white circles, flatten out them and attach to both parties of a nose. These are eyes. In the middle of an eye paste on a small black point pupil.


Make a cone of plasticine which remained from a trunk. It will be a cap. For its fringing use white plasticine. Put on a cap the head to Father Frost and well fix. From a brown piece of plasticine stick together valenoks and attach to a trunk. Valenoks have to be steady that Father Frost did not fall. Better to priplusnut them a little.


After that make some small asterisks for decoration of a fur coat of yellow plasticine. Accurately attach them to a trunk. Connect a trunk and the head. Your Father Frost is ready! It it is possible will put under a fir-tree as a symbol of new year. And it is possible to present to friends.