How to repair the one-room apartment

How to repair the one-room apartment

Repair in the one-room apartment - not such simple task as can seem. The main problem is the small space on which it is necessary to place some zones of different function. But even in the small room it is possible to create illusion of volume, visually to expand it, correctly using each square meter.

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Draw the plan of the apartment and try to divide the room into zones. Such zones has to be a little: worker, recreation area, clothes, guest. If the sizes of the room do not allow to place a bed and a sofa, guest and a bedroom it is necessary to unite.

Arrange a working zone in one of room corners, but not near a window. The clothes can be near a workplace. The recreation area has to be in the opposite end of the room. On the contrary arrange guest part. So, the approximate plan is ready, it is possible to start finishing of the room.

Remember that to you mirrors and various color schemes visually will help to expand space. Use dark paint only on a floor as on walls it will visually reduce the room. Paint walls a light shade or paste over with wall-paper in light scale with small drawing.

Get a sliding wardrobe with mirror doors. He not only will execute a clothes role, but also will visually make the room more due to reflection. Use idea with an arrangement of mirrors on a ceiling. It is not necessary to do a ceiling completely mirror, rather small part. Consider that they should not settle down in a recreation area; better in a guest zone.

Take care of that the room was well lit. It is desirable to get bulbs with warm light. Make lighting on zones, i.e. each zone has to have an own light source.

Finish finishing works in the room and pass to arrangement of furniture. Take the plan drawn in advance and, following it, distribute furniture on the room. Arrange a bed near a window. It is possible to put a bed with a canopy. Thanks to it the impression of a certain stealthiness of your recreation area of foreign eyes that is important will be made. On a window sill it is possible to arrange a beautiful night lamp.

Order a small computer table. Take care of that on a table were provided also a quantity of shelves for books, papers, notebooks. Put a table in the end of the room, opposite to a bed.

Put a case near a computer table. It is advantageous option as the impression will be made that the working zone is behind a partition. Its role will be executed by case sidewalls.

Buy a small coffee little table and a sofa on some people. Put these pieces of furniture opposite to a case. A sofa arrange at a wall, and a little table - near a sofa. Over a sofa it is possible to povestit some small pictures.

If you combine sleeping and guest zones, choose the displayed sofa with an internal box. Have it so that on the TV hanging opposite the direct sunlight did not fall.