How to play Chapayev

How to play Chapayev

Who thought up game in "Chapayev", it is for certain not known. It is called by name the well-known hero of Civil war. All Soviet children were able to play it, and rules constantly changed. There are some popular options of creation of checkers, however nobody prevents to think up and the.

It is required to you

- checkers;
- chessboard.

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Two participate in game. Determine by a lot who will play black or white. The way of draw can be any. It is possible to throw a coin, having agreed what what its party designates color. Or one player clamps in fists on one checker, and the second shows, in what hand there is that which he will play. Draw in this game is of very great importance as the course passes to the opponent only if the player missed.

Put in each cage of the first row on a checker. In total them has to be 8. The same will be made let by the second player. At you remained on 4 checkers. They can be sidelined in general, but is admissible to use as a reserve if all "fighters" are beaten out. Also makes a reservation in advance, whether it is possible to turn a board during game. If "the earth turns" (that is the board turns), it is necessary "to shoot" often from an uncomfortable position as players thus are not interchanged the position.

As well as in checkers, the first course is done by the player white. He has to aim and click to send the checker to "army" of the opponent, trying to beat out as much as possible "fighters" of the rival. Rules does not make a reservation, on which checker to click. But to put to "enemy army" perhaps bigger loss, it is recommended to start "shooting" from the center. Some players reach big dexterity and accuracy and manage to beat obliquely, having beaten out straight off about a third of the checkers standing from the opposite side of a field. Round proceeds until all "soldiers" of one of opponents are not dumped from a board.

In the following round the winner puts the checkers not on 1 or 8, and on 2 or the 7th ruler. If it passed the first battle without loss, moves ahead at once on two rulers and if affected with only one "fighter" - that and three. Lost remains on a place. Game proceeds until opponents meet "face to face", that is rise on the next rulers. However also other options are possible. For example, "infantry" which is under construction to one line participates in the first round. In the second it can be both "tanks", and "cavalry", and "artillery" for which it is possible to offer the options of constructions. Participants also agree about alternation of types of military forces in advance. Thus rapprochement of "armies" happens in the same way, as well as in a case to "infantry", that is the winner of round moves ahead on a step forward. If one of opponents pressed another to edge of a board, the one who is restricted has the right to start shooting.