How to create the calendar

How to create the calendar

The calendar made own hands is a remarkable and creative gift. In a calendar it is possible to place also useful information, and to consider hobbies of the recipient of a gift, and it is simple to immortalize a fine photo on your choice.

It is required to you

- computer
- photo
- special program

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It is simplest to create a calendar by means of the special program for creation of calendars. For this purpose it needs to be downloaded and established on the computer.


After start of the program it is necessary to select the image which will decorate a calendar. However it is necessary to consider that in ready designs of calendars the preset color backgrounds which can not coincide with primary color of the selected image are sometimes used.


It is also necessary to decide on orientation of a photo - album or book. The block size with months will depend on it.


In some programs there is an additional function by means of which it is possible to choose own holidays. It is very interesting when in a calendar the holiday allocated, for example, birthdays of all family. Very personal exclusive calendar turns out.


Then the design gets out, the prepared image is inserted there, and the calendar remains on the computer. The ready image of a calendar can be put in the form of wall-paper on a desktop or to unpack as a big photo and to frame.