How to fight against a medvedka

How to fight against a medvedka
Often in kitchen gardens, damaging roots and stalks of plants, such insect as a medvedka manages. Still call a medvedka a kapustyanka or an earth cancer. Especially the medvedka loves the damp and dunged soil. Lives in underground burrows in the afternoon, and with nightfall comes to a surface. Appears usually in May.

How to fight against a medvedka?
Finding of minks after watering of a kitchen garden allows to reveal finding of a medvedka. The mink nest represents the condensed earth coma in which there is a cavity.

National methods of fight:
1) Solution of soap water: 200-300 g of a laundry soap on 10 liters of water. Also solution of laundry detergent will be suitable for this purpose (at the rate of 4-5 tablespoons on 10 liters of water). With soap solution minks fill in.
2) Some gardeners sow a site barkhatets or chrysanthemums - the medvedka avoids the neighbourhood with them.
3) Some since spring to the middle of summer apply as top dressing to garden plants and at the same time fight against a medvedka solution of a chicken dung. Solution becomes in a proportion 1:20, is drawn within a week then it is diluted once again with water in the ratio 1:3.
4) In fight against various garden wreckers, including and a medvedka, use infusion of an onions or garlick peel. The peel contains a rich set micro and macrocells that favorably influences the soil. Solution prepares in a proportion of 500 g of a peel on 10 liters of water. Insist within a week.
5) Fertilizer of beds pounded egg shell.

Granules From Medvedki — the THUNDER — a preparation bait for fight against a medvedka of a domestic production. To apply with care and only in urgent cases because of the content of diazinon — heavy pesticide.
Zarit granule from a medvedka (Fenaksin +). Method of application: the bait is used in places where the medvedka, in 10 days prior to crops or landing of cultures or after emergence of shoots most often meets. the dead should be collected and utilized a medvedok surely that other animals did not poison with them

Traps for a medvedka:
To the earth dig in empty jars in which the cut crude potatoes are put. Medvedka attracted with potatoes smell falls in a cavity banks.