How to love the wife

How to love the wife

Mutual love – a basis of matrimonial life. The loving husband is always respectful to the wife and care, trusts it in everything and in every way tries to facilitate her life. The love of the husband allocates the woman from lump, gives it beauty and confidence in own forces. The love to the wife is shown in several aspects.

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Trust the wife. Expensive gifts, clothes and walks on restaurants are important elements of joint life and ways of pastime, but without trust they will mean nothing. If you are closed and conceal something, at the woman can there will be inconceivable suspicions, up to charges of waste of the family budget and changes.


Respect weakness of the woman. It is impossible to see the fragile lady with four bags and the empty-handed man going nearby. But there are also other ways of expression of love to the wife. The modern woman works at office on an equal basis with men, and moreover still watches economy by old tradition. Treat with understanding to her fatigue: massage it a back or a neck after work, wash ware after a dinner, clean the apartment during the week-end.


Female character is very inconsistent. Learn to guess, in what situations it is better to make decisions independently and in what to consult to it. To facilitate to itself a task, consider some criteria: the wife's profession (it for certain understands the activity well), importance of a question (in little significant trifles it is better to arrive according to her opinion, then she will concede in important questions to you) and degree of responsibility of everyone, who will participate in the discussed enterprise. If the wife has to perform a lot of work, her opinion will be more important.


Jeunet is important a praise and approval, and loving – doubly. Your support will become for darling strong incentive. If it is necessary to specify shortcomings of its work, make it softly, delicately, at the end of a remark surely add a compliment or a praise.


Do not criticize darling at strangers. If you found of it any faults, wait when remain together, and tell so that nobody heard.