How to make a press form

How to make a press form

When it is required to make many identical subjects, for example, a kit of parts on production or the weapon for army of tell-tales when modeling, it becomes clear that not to do without special compression molds. There are fulfilled ways of their production. The compression mold which is qualitatively made in house conditions allows to receive about one hundred copies.

It is required to you

- lubricating oil;
- scalpel or sculptural knife;
- two-component grin-shtaf for production of a form;
- epoxy or sculptural putty.

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At first pick up the firm plastic boxes suitable on volume for the copied detail. Are necessary such that it was located with a stock in two put halves. Grease both half of the container and a detail with lubricating oil. Mix for one half of the container so much grin-shtaf (further brilliant green) that the detail pressed on a half squeezed out too much a little mix.


For the present brilliant green did not stiffen, stamp it near a detail, trample down convex places, drive into corners, superfluous cut off a knife. Something, it is possible a pencil, press four deepenings on corners for exact combination of a compression mold in the future. Now it is necessary to leave all this before full hardening of brilliant green.


When the first half of a compression mold dries, mix still approximately as much brilliant green, impose it in the second half, slightly oil its surface by means of a brush. Put both half of the container together, squeeze from one corner to another, then to the following, etc., having leveled at the edges before combination. Press with a force. Surplus of brilliant green - anything terrible will get out of cracks. When edges almost are closed, remove surplus with a knife, leave before full hardening.


Now, when the structure which stuck round your copied detail completely hardened, slightly to a prokoryabayta a crack between compression mold halves on all perimeter, pick up edge of one of them from two parties edges of knives, accurately separate. The detail should be taken out even more carefully not to spoil the edge of the stiffened brilliant green. Now your compression mold is ready to production of a large number of details.


To make the copy of a detail, slightly oil lubricating both half of a compression mold, mix components of epoxy or putty with a small stock. Impose the received weight in both half of a form, put everything together, squeeze out superfluous strong compression. Leave a compression mold before full hardening. When there is time, take the stiffened copy of your detail, remove bark from its lateral seam. If on a surface of the copy there were deepenings from vials of the air which got when filling a form with brilliant green cover them with the new mixed structure. After drying smooth out - the copy is ready.