How to adjust an automobile handheld transceiver

How to adjust an automobile handheld transceiver

Automobile radio stations are a fine way of communication between vehicles. These devices are very actual for truckers, drivers of passenger transport and for other car owners who often move on the route. They help not only to warn other participants of the movement about approach to patrol of traffic police, but also to help the driver to call to the aid if necessary.

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Get an automobile handheld transceiver. If the niche for its installation is provided in your car, you easily there will put it. If such place is not present, it is established in any place. Thus it has to be readily available and have excellent ventilation for the prevention of an overheat of the device.


Do not mount a handheld transceiver where passes a way of an air stream from the conditioner or an oven. Quite often the handheld transceiver is established under a glove compartment or between seats of the driver and passenger.


Define the most convenient place from your point of view for fastening of an automobile handheld transceiver and mark openings for installation of a fixing bracket there. It is delivered complete with the device. Do not forget to think over protection of the handheld transceiver against theft. It can have a removable sled or to be cut in the forward panel.


Drill openings for fixture. Before starting drilling, check, whether you concern a car electrical wiring. To restore it after damage not always it turns out easily and quickly.


Define supply voltage necessary for your automobile handheld transceiver. At incorrect connection of a handheld transceiver to the power supply the output power of the device will decrease. It is best of all to connect a handheld transceiver to the battery directly, namely, to its plugs (plus and minus).


Use copper wires for connection of a handheld transceiver to food. Exclude crossing of a wire of food with estimated sources of hindrances. Use for this purpose the screen from a ferromagnetic wire which has protection against oxidation.


Choose correctly an antenna installation site after installation of an automobile handheld transceiver in salon of the car. It is ideal if you are able to put the antenna on a roof in the center of the cabin. Connect a cable the antenna and a handheld transceiver.


Entrust control of work of the equipment to professionals.