How to cook dense soup with vegetable marrows and quenelles?

How to cook dense soup with vegetable marrows and quenelles?
This tasty soup surely is useful during a season of vegetable marrows. It is possible to train him and with other vegetables, the main thing – to be hooked for idea and to a campaign of preparation to introduce the amendments. But in the summer when marrow abundance, according to the original recipe it is worth cooking soup nevertheless.

That is required from products

Two small vegetable marrows
Two paprikas
One – two bulbs
Four potatoes
Four small carrots
Rub – four tomatoes
500 grams of mincemeat
Two garlic gloves
Tablespoon of tomato paste
One egg
Some slices of a white long loaf
Salt, pepper, bay leaf, spices


To cut carrot circles, vegetable marrows and potatoes – small cubes, pepper - brusochka. Slightly to fry all vegetables in vegetable oil, to shift in a pan, to pour in 600 - 800 ml. waters to bring to boiling, to cover and cook half an hour on weak fire.

To crush onions and garlic. To cut tomatoes in cubes. To fry onions, garlic in oil, to lay out tomatoes, tomato paste. To extinguish five minutes, then to shift in a pan to vegetables.

To soak bread in milk or in water. To add egg, bread to forcemeat, to salt, pepper. To make small quenelles, to fry in oil from all directions. To lay out in soup, to cook five minutes. To ready soup to allow to be insisted and give with sour cream and greens.