In what sense of a diet at dry skin?

In what sense of a diet at dry skin?
Each woman watches beauty of the skin. It is good, if skin not problem. And here, if some dryness of skin is observed? Of course, it is possible to resort to various creams and lotions. But it is also necessary to take care and of the food.

So, why it is necessary to appear?

From fried, and also fat food, chocolate, sugar, potatoes fried, alcohol and coffee which are the diuretics bringing water out of an organism, and together with water also useful minerals leave. Very dangerously strongly reheated vegetable oil.

What food should give preference?

Of course, it is necessary to eat as much as possible fruit, vegetables, nuts, cereals, sunflower seeds, that is those products which contain vegetable protein.

Is it is also necessary onions, garlic, eggs as these products are rich with sulfur which is necessary for our skin. Sulfur helps to do skin young and smooth.

It is necessary to eat — beet, apples, a citrus, grapes, tomatoes, blackcurrant, to drink milk as our skin needs the alpha hydroacids promoting in formation of new cages.

At dry skin it is necessary to eat carrot and in general yellow and orange color vegetables. As they contain beta carotene from which the organism develops vitamin A.
It is necessary to drink not less than two liters of water.