How to write the characteristic to the teacher

How to write the characteristic to the teacher

The characteristic of the teacher - the official document which describes characteristic qualities, features, merits and demerits someone. Prepares educational institution for giving in certifying, contest committees, various instances. To characteristics a number of demands is made – it has to be objective, reserved, correct, adequately estimate the level of professional abilities, be stated from the 3rd person in the real or past tense (ended, worked, carries out, has).

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Write heading part of the characteristic of the teacher. Write the word "characteristic" with capital letters on the center of a line. On the next line specify full name of a position and educational institution, on the third line a full surname, a name and a middle name of the characterized teacher in a genitive case. Align all "cap" on the middle of a line.


Further it is short, one paragraph, register biographical particulars of the teacher. Using a surname and initials, specify date of birth, the got education, educational institution and date of its termination. Note the profession and qualification, and also the acquired academic degrees, qualification categories and the teacher's ranks.


Further in the paragraph (or if it is necessary, in several) specify, since what year and in what position there began the work the teacher in this educational institution. Give the characteristic of its career growth, note, the teacher was transferred to what positions. If it concerns professional skills and the current work of the teacher, is admissible to specify the previous places of work (educational institutions) and positions.


Characterize results of work of the teacher: list significant results of its work – data on the published works, advanced training courses, the leading sections, research societies and achievements of pupils in the Olympic Games, competitions, competitions. Describe the chosen style of teaching and communication with pupils, colleagues and parents; note the attitude of pupils towards the teacher. Characterize intra school activity of the teacher – participation in teachers' meetings, competitions, all-school actions. Specify the encouragement, awards deserved by the teacher.


Estimate professional competence of the teacher, pay attention to the level of his professional knowledge, aspiration to self-improvement, exchange of experience, knowledge of acts, the rights and duties.


Estimate business qualities of the characterized teacher: skill to communicate (as far as he is capable to establish and maintain business relations with collective, the management, wards), the leading, analytical skills, ability to plan activity and to control results.


Estimate efficiency of the teacher as far as he is active in performance of the charged duties, organizing abilities, punctuality, responsibility, efficiency of the made decisions and as they are shown in work are how developed.


Describe how personal qualities of the teacher are shown in his communication with colleagues, whether benevolent, sociable he, what general culture, its psychological qualities.


In summary specify the purpose of drawing up the characteristic, a place in which it will be provided, use the formulation "the characteristic is made for granting in …". Assure her at the head of the department, or the director of studies, and also at the director of educational institution, put down the press. Make two copies of the characteristic, one of them surely remains in educational institution.