How to read the person as the book

How to read the person as the book

To understand the person without words is very useful skill. Unfortunately, not all possess it from the birth. Actually, it is not difficult to learn it. It is necessary to be a little more attentive, plus it is a little practice – and you will be able to read any person as the book.

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Pay attention to that, how close to you there is a person:

The distance at which the interlocutor settles down, characterizes his desire to communicate with you. Than it is closer, especially he wishes to establish close relations. And vice versa: the it is farther, the less you interest him.
Do not forget to do a discount that residents of the large cities and representatives of some countries got used to communicate in rather short distance which another can seem even to the intimate.


Pay attention to position of the head:

If the person, talking to you, slightly bows in your party, it is a sympathy sign.
When the person hangs the head, it speaks about his uncertainty. If it occurs during personal conversation, perhaps, it is confused, is not self-assured, wants to keep a distance is the closed pose. If the head is hung during dispute, perhaps down, the person is not sure that his statements are true. If the interlocutor on the contrary, lifts up a chin up, it signals about his self-confidence, aspiration to reduce a distance or desire to call you on a bet.


Pay attention to an otzerkalivaniye:

Otzerkalivaniye or repetition of a pose is a sure sign of that the person is interested and shows sympathy. To be convinced that it not coincidence, try to change position of hands or feet, and after a while check, whether the person repeated your pose.


Pay attention to hands:

If hands are crossed, it is the closed pose - the person is not adjusted to communicate. It is necessary to consider that for many people it is a habitual pose, but also in this case such habit speaks about that that the person is reserved, held down in communication with people. If at the crossed foot hands quite widely are also surely placed, such pose speaks about superiority position. If the person put hands on hips, so he slightly is nervous. At your interlocutor of a hand are squeezed in the lock or in fists? It means that the person probably becomes angry.


Pay attention to separate gestures:

If the person constantly corrects a hairdress or fingers a lock of hair, it speaks about his sympathy for you or to with whom he communicates. However if thus it it is high, as if with astonishment, raises eyebrows, it testifies to its disagreement with you rather. If your interlocutor slightly nakhmurivat eyebrows and blinks eyes, so he tries to penetrate and consider that you speak.


Pay attention to feet:

If the person shifts from one foot to the other, so he is nervous, is not self-assured, expects something. Many people standing direct socks of feet towards the one with whom they sympathize. If the person touched the foot yours is a direct flirtation!