As it is necessary to write the letter

As it is necessary to write the letter

Letters – part of human culture. And not to pass for the boor, it is necessary to be able to write letters. The even supersimplified communication on and - a mail for respecting himself and interlocutors of the person is not at all an occasion to neglect some canons of an epistolary genre.

It is required to you

- paper;
- handle.

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Write letters with a fresh mind. If the letter is written in the evening or in a rush of strong emotions – be not too lazy to count it in some hours (morning), and only then solve, whether it is possible to send the text to the addressee. Also you should not start the letter if you not very well feel, are upset, have no enough time well to consider that are going to state.

Begin the letter with a greeting. The greeting "Good afternoon", "Hello" and so forth will be ideal. If the letter informal or your communication with his recipient has informal character, is admissible to greet with the help "Hi!". After a greeting the address to the addressee by name usually follows: "Hello, dear (venerable) Semyon Semenovich".

Be presented. Especially it is pertinent if you address to the official, write someone for the first time, and in many other cases. It is possible to do without representation, only if the recipient – your intimate friend (relative) with whom at you correspondence is adjusted for a long time.

Formulate the thoughts accurately, clearly, without leaving a place to ambiguities. Try to put during writing of the letter yourself to the place of the addressee. Whether some phrase will be considered offensive, and some offer is understoodly incorrect?

Write competently. Try not to make grammatical and spelling mistakes. Writing of unknown words can always be checked by means of the dictionary. Remember that illiteracy exposes you in not the best light before the addressee. The few will take seriously the person capable to make 2 mistakes in the simple word.

Having finished the letter, by all means say goodbye. Express the respect to the addressee – for example, by the phrase "Yours faithfully", and surely subscribe. This same "gold" rule as washing of hands before food. And the signature if it is about the paper letter to be obliged is most legible.

If you lost sight of something, it is possible to add the text at the end of the letter. Only by all means deliver before addition "to p.s." that "postscript" - "after the letter means".