What juice at what diseases the most useful?

What juice at what diseases the most useful?
Undoubtedly all juice is useful. However, each of them has features – some juice is most shown at an anemia, another – at diseases of eyes or violation of a warm rhythm.

Garnet juice. It is considered a biogenous stimulator, possesses the powerful all-strengthening action. Treats pancreas diseases, an anemia, it is shown at disorder of work of a digestive tract.

Blackcurrant juice. After a dogrose takes the second place according to the content of vitamin C. Increases immunity, it is shown at diseases of kidneys, at a metabolic disorder.

Apple juice. For a long time it is known that if to drink daily a glass of apple juice, these can detain process of aging of an organism. Apple juice strengthens cardiovascular system, is useful at an anemia, avitaminosis, a pochechnokamenny belezna.

Plum juice possesses diuretic and laxative action. It is shown at diseases of heart and kidneys, atherosclerosis, a hypertension.

Bilberry juice. It is especially useful at diseases of eyes. Also it is recommended at dysbacteriosis. It is possible instead of juice there are fresh berries of bilberry.

Grape juice. It is very useful at diseases of a liver and kidneys, at a hypertension, problems with nervous system. Possesses the strong toning action, contains a set of vitamins and it is recommended as the all-strengthening means.

Peach juice. Has contraindication – diabetes. In all other cases will have medical effect at violation of a warm rhythm, at chronic gastritises (the lowered acidity).