How to pump up hands and shoulders

How to pump up hands and shoulders

It is necessary to train muscles of hands along with study of humeral muscles. Besides, you have to be defined in advance what exactly you want: to make muscles more relief or to increase their weight. Will depend on it not only the program of occupations, but also a diet.

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To make muscles more relief, you will need to adhere to a proteinaceous diet. Thus it is necessary to increase not simply amount of proteins, but to replace with them part of carbohydrates. Not superfluous will be to reduce also consumption of fats. Notice, to lower, but not at all to refuse it. Simply try to dress salads not with mayonnaise, and, for example, with olive oil or soy. And instead of fat meat use the chicken. In case you need to increase muscle bulk, to you it is necessary not only to include more proteins in the diet, but also to increase number of meals. Eat in smaller quantities, but a thicket. It not only will allow you to increase muscle fibers, but also will increase efficiency of trainings (to be engaged on a full stomach it is quite difficult and useless).


Now it is necessary to pass directly to exercises. Let's begin with shoulders: accept a standing position, feet on width of shoulders. Take dumbbells in hand, and then lower them along a trunk. At first raise shoulders, then lower. Do an exhalation at a raising, and exhaled - when lowering. Further it is necessary to carry out shoulders roundabouts forward and back.


Following exercise: again put feet on width of shoulders, and slightly incline a trunk forward. Do the same movements, as well as when swimming by "crawl". When bend a hand and raise it, do an exhalation and when straighten - a breath.


Now again put feet on width of shoulders, and lower hands along a trunk (palms inside). Start doing roundabouts by hands forward, and then back. At a raising of hands too do an exhalation, and when lowering - a breath. After that sit down on a chair or a bench, take a bar. Squeeze out it the wide successful fellow because of the head. Watch breath.


The following exercise is aimed already at training of hands, but not shoulders. It is carried out with dumbbells in a sitting position. It is necessary to sit down, by the way, on edge of a bench, having placed a foot so that they were wider than the level of shoulders. An elbow of one hand arrange on an internal surface of a hip, and another lean about a foot knee. Bend, unbend a hand as it is possible more strongly (it is desirable that the dumbbell almost concerned a floor). Thus try to hold a back directly. Return to a starting position and do the same, but now take a dumbbell in other hand.