How to draw snow with a pencil

How to draw snow with a pencil

When drawing snow it is important to achieve soft, smooth transition of one color to another. It is easiest to make it paints. However, and it is possible to draw with pencils snowdrifts. The main thing - is correct to distribute shadows on a surface of snow cover.

It is required to you

— paper;
— eraser;
— colored pencils.

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Take a clean sheet of paper for a water color. Pencils of different shades blue and blue – from absolutely light to saturated bluish-black will be necessary for you for drawing. It is best of all to take water color or pastel pencils – they lay down on paper more softly and are better shaded. However, usual colored pencils too will approach.

The lightest blue plan the course of a stream, outlining its rough contours and leaving in the center a place for small snow hummocks. At once paint over water. In lower left and top right parts of a leaf impose strokes of the most dark bluish-black. Round snow islands use dark blue and indigo – snow is reflected in water therefore it seems to lighter.

That snow became swept up in drawing, it is necessary to draw shadows. Shade with a dark-blue pencil snowdrifts along a stream on the left coast. At the water use more saturated shade, then add a strip lighter slightly above, try to do border between zones imperceptible, soft. For this purpose on a joint of two shades leave intervals between strokes of a dark pencil and add between them light lines.

Shade all surface of snow in the left top corner, make lighter shading on a snow surface, without mentioning sites over shadows at water. Dark blue designate those places where under snowdrifts the filled-up bushes are seen. Moving from edges of such spot to the center, select pencils of more saturated shades.

On the right coast shadows from trees fall. Draw them, accurately outlining all branches and trunks. Watch that the contour of a shadow was not brighter, than a shade of all "spot" in general. Except the falling shadows on snow own shadows are visible – they are formed because a surface of snowdrifts the rough. Add also these shadows – they lighter, and their contours are very indistinct.

Blue with addition gray draw trees. To make noticeable snow caps on branches, lead round them an indistinct light blue border along a top of a snow embankment. The shadow has to become is lighter as approaching a branch.