How to prepare fish with vegetable stew?

How to prepare fish with vegetable stew?
Both fish and vegetables according to this incredibly tasty and simple recipe prepare without oil drop. Completely dietary dish in which vegetables can be selected for the taste and for a season.

That is required for preparation

Stakes of any fish by quantity of portions
Two – three bulbs
250 – 300 grams of siliculose haricot (fresh or frozen)
One – two carrots
400 grams of a cauliflower (or broccoli)
Rub – five potatoes (it is possible without it)
Seasonings and spices for fish
Salt to taste


We cut half rings onions and we stack it on a bottom of a deep stewpan. From above we display the carrot cut by circles. We clean potatoes, we slice large (as on roast), we spread on carrot.
If haricot fresh, we wash it, we cut off noses and tails, we cut pods on some parts and we pour out on potatoes. If take the frozen haricot, it at once as is pour out on potato. From above haricots it is spread small inflorescences of a cauliflower, we powder with salt.

Stakes from fish will be the top layer. They need to be salted, strewed with spices and seasonings. Carefully on an edge of a stewpan to pour in a little water and to extinguish on weak fire under a cover of minutes forty. Whether periodically check water boiled away, if necessary add water and extinguish to readiness of vegetables.