How to prepare pork goulash?

How to prepare pork goulash?
The best goulash turns out from gentle veal – such is opinion of masters of cookery. But such meat can not always be found, and in preparation of goulash low-fat pork is quite often used. As it appeared, deviation from the traditional recipe did not spoil a dish at all, goulash turns out remarkable.

That is required from products

700 grams of pork
Two large bulbs
One sweet paprika (it is better than red color)
Good bunch of parsley
Four – five tomato
100 ml. dry white wine
Meat broth
Two tablespoons of a flour
Bay leaf
Red and black ground pepper, caraway seeds, salt
Vegetable oil


To clear and cut half rings onions, to cut paprika not really thin straws. Meat to wash up, dry, cut small slices. To fry meat on a frying pan in a small amount of vegetable oil. When meat juice all evaporates, to strew meat with a flour, to take on fire one – two minutes and to remove from a plate. After addition of a flour meat it is necessary to stir slowly continuously.

In other frying pan to warm oil, to fry onions till ruddy color, to add paprika and to fry everything together five minutes. In a deep thick-walled pan or in a kazanchik to lay out meat and vegetables (vegetables on a bottom), to salt, season with pepper red and black, caraway seeds, to put bay leaf. To pour in wine, broth and to put on small fire. Broth it is necessary to add so much that it only covered meat. To allow to boil some minutes and to put the tomatoes cut in cubes.

To stew goulash under a cover to readiness of meat. At the end of preparation meat has to become very soft, but not be digested. In the course of preparation goulash needs to be mixed periodically and if it is necessary to add broth. Before removing goulash from fire, to add small cut parsley greens. In winter time goulash can be cooked with tinned tomatoes or with tomato paste.