How to make that calves were thick

How to make that calves were thick

To make the calves thick, it is necessary to pump up gastrocnemius muscles of feet. For their training there are some types of exercises in which it is possible to be engaged as in the sports hall, and at home.

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The simplest exercise on development of gastrocnemius muscles is rolling of feet. Reach a starting position: get up exactly, feet on width of shoulders. Transfer the weight to socks, be late at the time of the highest tension of muscles, and then roll foot and get up on heels.

Make not less than four approaches on twenty repetitions. For increase in efficiency of this exercise it is possible to work, using additional weight.


Exercise is one more variation of it so-called "donkey". For its performance it is necessary to rise, having bent down forward and upershis hands, for example, in a sofa or a bench. Hold feet directly, on width of shoulders. You need the help of the partner who should sit down to you on a back. It is possible to use additional weight. Get up on socks and be late in this position about thirty seconds.

Make eight approaches on twenty repetitions.


Bicycle walks or occupations on a velosimulator are also very useful to development of gastrocnemius muscles.


There is also a special exercise machine for calves. It consists of a bench on which lay down, pairs of rollers for feet, cables and weight. Before occupation on the exercise machine choose quantity of pancakes necessary for you and fix them on a cable. Then lay down on a stomach so that the edge of a bench was at the level of your hips, and you could put feet on a floor. Be hooked stupnyam for rollers and gradually bend feet in knees, being late in an extreme position a little.

Execute three approaches on fifteen repetitions.