How to refuse ebay rate

How to refuse ebay rate

Internet auctions have the mass of advantages: often on such sites as eBay, it is possible to find the most rare goods at very attractive prices or to determine the price independently.

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Wait. Perhaps, before the end of auction of goods on which you put, other user of a resource will make a big rate. Under the terms of the site eBay, at emergence of a new rate the previous loses force. Be surely convinced that you did not establish automatic updating of rates, and do not update a rate independently. It should be taken into accountIt should be taken into account the price and specifics of a product. On inexpensive popular products, such as fashionable accessories, equipment, home decoration, always great demand.

Concede to the rival. In that case when if a rate the largest, and time of action of auction comes to an end, you win goods. If after the end of the auction y decided not to get it, first of all report about it to the seller. Write it the personal message by e-mail and ask to concede goods to the buyer who relied to you. Show ability to convince, and the seller will go to you to a meeting.

Convince the seller. Other situation, if you the only user who showed willingness to buy goods. By rules of the site eBay, the rate is an obligation to the seller that is if you win auction, you are obliged to acquire goods. On the site there is no the special button canceling a rate. The only exit - to agree with the seller about cancellation of the transaction and extension of auction. Explain why you decided not to make purchase, what problems arose because of what you began to doubt. Sometimes sellers offer one goods for sale several times.

Leave everything as it is to the detriment of reputation. If you won auction and decided not to acquire goods, however at you it is impossible to communicate or agree with the seller, it can be reflected in your reputation of the buyer. On your page there will be information on unpaid goods. In case for a small interval of time you do not pay three or more goods, your account will be blocked and removed.