How to make an undershirt

How to make an undershirt

It is known that the things made own hands are appreciated much more expensively than the factory. The hands it is possible to create absolutely original, beautiful thing what anybody will not have more from your acquaintances. If you want to have such thing in the clothes, try to connect the hands a nice summer T-shirt. For performance of this work it is required to you 200 gr. yarn with a density of 100 gr./430 m of one color and 30 more gr. a yarn of other color for finishing, and also a hook No. 2. Below you will find the detailed instruction on performance.

It is required to you

- yarn
- hook No. 2

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Start knitting forward part. Gather number of air loops, a multiple four and one more loop for performance of edge. Now knit forward part equal ranks to an armhole. Then recede 4 cm from edge to make an armhole and connect some more equal ranks.


Knit, narrowing ranks from cut of a mouth and to an armhole. At you one shoulder-strap will turn out. The second shoulder-strap it will be necessary to knit from separate elements, using equipment of coupling lace.


Similarly connect back part of an undershirt.


Sew together a lobby and back part.


Using a thread of a contrast color, connect jewelry for a T-shirt – flowers and leaves. Connect three flowers, with eight, seven and six petals respectively, and also a round element and leaflets.


To connect a flower with eight petals, gather a chain of 10 air loops, connect in a ring and knit a flower according to the scheme. Leaves knit according to the scheme columns without nakid. For a round element gather a chain of 8 air loops, connect in a ring, tie with two rows of columns without nakid.


Now sew ready decorative elements, connect a round element to the others chains of air loops.


Tie the lower edge of an undershirt with four rows of columns that the border turned out. The first row knit columns without nakid, doing between them Orochs of air loops.


The second row knit so: three columns with nakidy for the turned-out Oroch, three air loops, a column with nakidy for the Oroch, three air loops, four columns with nakidy for the Oroch and so on.


The third row knit a thread of other color according to the scheme: a column with nakidy in each Oroch, four air loops. The fourth row knit the same as the third.


The beautiful original undershirt is ready. Can safely go outside in it and surprise surrounding with the skill.