How to shake up meringue

How to shake up meringue
How to shake up meringue

The tasty delicacy lightens mood and promotes excellent pastime in a circle native and friends. The meringue cakes prepared in house conditions will add a cosiness and warmth to any house.

The preparation time of 27 minutes is required to you fresh eggs - 4 pieces; sugar or icing sugar - 1 St. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Shake Up Meringue" How to prepare meringues How to prepare meringue How to shake up sour cream with sugar


Before preparation of meringue cool eggs in the refrigerator, so you considerably reduce beating time. Use only fresh eggs.

For preparation of meringue take pure and dry ware, separate proteins from a yolk. Take them from crude egg, having calcinated an opening a large needle from two parties. Capacity where it is necessary to pour proteins, can be made of any material – ceramics, flew down, it is important not to use aluminum ware, differently receive proteins with a gray shade.

Take the mixer with frame nozzles. Beat whites, since the lowest speed, gradually increasing the speed of rotation of nozzles. Surely watch that the nimbus got to the bottom ware with proteins and all volume of meringue was shaken up, differently at the bottom of a squirrel can remain liquid.

As soon as the consistence of meringue starts getting denser, start adding sugar. Enter it gradually, by the fourth part from a teaspoon during beating by the mixer. All sugar added at once will instantly be dissolved in meringue and will make it liquid that you will not manage to correct any more. At preparation of cakes of meringue use icing sugar at the rate of 1:4, i.e. on 1 glass of icing sugar take 4 proteins.

Determine degree of readiness of meringue by a penalty fee and volume of proteins. Foam has to be dense and not spread, and the weight brought to readiness several times to exceed the initial volume.