How to put on to the blonde

How to put on to the blonde

The clothes choice often depends on the certain factors which are not relating to how it sits on a figure. For example, some select clothes under a hair color. It and is clear – everything in image has to be in harmony among themselves. It is most difficult to pick up clothes to blondes – a fair hair causes a stir at men, and the clothes have to be such that the woman did not look in it vulgarly.

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Actually the hair color has no crucial importance at a clothes choice. Surely choose clothes at first of a suitable style, and then the size. The clothes for people with any hair color have to fit first of all well on the person.


Pay attention to fabric. Most of all blondes suit fabrics easy, air and womanly. Choose organza, chiffon, silk, lawn from such fabrics. Sometimes it is possible to dare to carry synthetics, and sometimes to give preference to simply cotton fabric. You should not choose clothes from thick material, it will cross out all your feminity and refinement.


Give major importance to flowers. It is known that best of all blondes suit pink color. So, the pink dress in the summer, and in the winter a blouse in combination with trousers or a skirt will become the best decision for the fair-haired girl or the woman.


Carry the black. Black color goes everything, including on the blonde the black clothes will remarkably look – she will favourably emphasize a hair color and will become the remarkable decision for those who wants to hide figure shortcomings.


If you have no problems with a self-assessment and you are not afraid that the clothes will make look fat you, surely get some white things for the clothes. They will lovely look on fair-haired girls and women, especially if outside summer or spring.


If you the blonde natural, do not choose such flowers as yellowish, greenish or gray as the main tone in clothes. It will emphasize light skin, and you will look excessively pale.


If you the white-skinned person with gray eyes, choose clothes of bluish tones. It will emphasize color of eyes, hair and will add a little romanticism to your image. Surely think over accessories, they have to be the flowers contrasting, for example, black or red.


If your eyes of green color, try to choose clothes more dark, especially when it allows a season. The dark clothes will add to your image of mysteriousness, will add beauty and an easy haze of insidiousness.