How to answer the competitor

How to answer the competitor

The competitor who appeared on the horizon threatens personal happiness? The girl trying to break couple or to prevent connection of two hearts, as a rule, is ready to be ready to do anything or at least on a lot of things for the sake of achievement of own purpose. Therefore it is necessary to give it worthy repulse.

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The worst competitor in fight for male heart - the former girlfriend. You liked the guy, and you expected that it will step aside even if he to it is nice. But your dreams about such favor from its party were vain. She is ready to loaf about with you elbows for the sake of it, and now you on the different parties of barricades - and this main thing. She knows your minuses and pluses therefore can tell it about them, expose you disparagingly. However, you can make the same. But you should not throw mud at the ex-friend so far she will not begin similar actions. So you anyway will look adequately.

The key to success - knowledge and competent use of weaknesses of the enemy. The girl is too jealous? Surround the man with understanding and the indulgent relation to its small weaknesses. She is inclined to demand expensive gifts? As if accidentally tell to your man that you consider too wasteful expenditure for diamonds and expensive restaurants. Any competitor will try to blacken you. Therefore do not take in head to call it and to threaten, ask it to leave aside - it will give it unforgettable pleasure, and she will not fail to tell about it to your man. She achieves a gap and after that not to avoid the conflict in couple.

The revenge is a dish which should be given cold. On a hothead you will not think up the correct exit from current situation. To hope that the competitor will be touched by your entreaties, is not necessary. Your answer has to be to worthy and its equivalent actions. Develop the competent plan for its elimination and accurately adhere to it. If you give vent to emotions, will lose. Thus you should not feel sorry for the enemy – she after all did not regret you when conceived to break your couple.