How to close an open disk

How to close an open disk

Closing (finalization) of a disk with data it is necessary to carry out when you are not going to make further dozapis on it any else files. Function of closing of disks is present practically at all programs of record of disks.

It is required to you

Program for record of disks, for example, Nero or CD Burner XP.

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Download and install the Nero program. At installation execute the demanded actions for control of system and opening of files. Start it. Select in the main menu the "Record of a Disk with Data" item in the section CD or DVD.

Prepare all necessary files for record, surely check them for existence of viruses. Spread out them according to final folders of an arrangement, rename if it is necessary as after record it will be impossible to make it.

Select the New Project item. In the appeared window by means of the pictogram with a sign + choose the entries added in the project the files prepared by you. Insert a disk into the drive, it can be both absolutely pure carrier, and an open disk with data and an empty seat for a dozapisa of files.

Be convinced that on a disk the place for all files will be enough, and execute burned (record), having established previously parameters of record and having noted a tag point of the Finalize a Disk menu. After that check, whether correctly you executed operation – if one disk more no information could write down, so everything is made truly.

Act according to the similar scheme if you installed the CD Burner XP program or other application for data recording on optical carriers. All of them work according to the similar scheme, the main thing, do not forget to note a tick the Finalize a Disk point.

If you do not want to add files on a disk, and simply want to execute its closing, for this purpose simply try to execute burned without addition of the file. If it is impossible, throw off the hidden file of the small size on a disk and finalize the carrier.

For this purpose note ticks the Hidden attribute, previously having pressed on the file the right button of a mouse and having chosen its properties. Thus, on a disk it will not be displayed if on the computer viewing of the hidden files and folders is not included.