How to include a clipboard

How to include a clipboard

Clipboard – area of an operational memory (in abbreviated form - the RAM) which is intended for temporary placement of any data at their transfer from one place in another. In the Microsoft Office package the clipboard can be included, that is to adjust its display and to use it, as the separate tool.

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Information gets to a clipboard when the user calls the Copy or Cut out teams. It is accepted to call a fragment of the text or the image which got to a clipboard object. When the clipboard is hidden, only that object which was copied by the last is inserted into the documents Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel.

Nevertheless, can be stored in a clipboard to twenty four objects at the same time. Each object can be caused at any time and inserted into the edited document. To expand possibilities of work with a clipboard, make it visible.

For this purpose open the document Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office Excel and pass to the Main tab. In the section "Clipboard" press the button with an arrow. The type of your document will change: the working area will move to the right, and on the left side of the document there will be a Clipboard panel on which you will be able to choose the object interesting you.

To vstvit object from a clipboard, bring the mouse cursor to the necessary fragment and press it the left button of a mouse. If you want to insert all data which are available in a clipboard press the Insert Everything button. For removal of objects from a clipboard use the Clear Everything button.

There is also other option of actions: to insert the necessary object, bring to it the cursor and press the right button of a mouse. From a drop-down menu choose the Insert command, having clicked it with the left button of a mouse. In case it is necessary to remove object from a clipboard, choose the Remove command from a drop-down menu.

Pay attention to the Parameters button located in the lower part of the Clipboard panel. With its help you will be able to adjust parameters of display of "Clipboard" and its property. Note a marker those positions which will help to make your work in the editor of more comfortable.

To hide the Clipboard panel, repeatedly press the button with an arrow in the section "Clipboard" on the Main tab or use the button with a badge [x], the Clipboard panel located in the right top corner.