How to prepare spaghetti with pumpkin?

How to prepare spaghetti with pumpkin?
This dish can be prepared and in fast option, having excluded meat products and having added more vegetables. Or to follow the recipe and to add ham or sausage, cream and grated cheese.

That is required for preparation

350 grams of pumpkin
300 grams of spaghetti
One bulb
Two segments of garlic
150 grams of ham
250 ml. low-fat cream
Parsley bunch
Grated cheese
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil
Dried basil (at will)


Deliver to spaghetti to cook according to the instruction on packing. While paste cooks, prepare sauce.
Peel pumpkin of a thin skin and seeds, cut pulp in small cubes (about 2х2 cm). Small cut onions and garlic. Cut ham in cubes or thin straws.
Warm oil in a frying pan, fry onions to transparency, put pumpkin and fry to readiness of pumpkin (7-10 minutes). put ham, extinguish three more minutes. After that pour in cream, warm up, add salt, a basil, pepper, garlic. Weary under a cover of 5 minutes.
Lay out spaghetti in sauce or spread out on plates and water with hot sauce. Bon appetit!