How to keep broadcasting

How to keep broadcasting

With universal distribution of broadband access to a network, all become more popular such services as Internet radio. The specifics consisting in a continuous broadcasting on the Internet define some technical features of similar services. In particular, it is impossible to keep simply broadcasting, having loaded any file. It is necessary to apply special utilities.

It is required to you

- the established Winamp player;
- browser;
- connection to the Internet;
- possibility of installation of appendices on the computer.

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Load Streamripper distribution kit - a package of addition to a popular Winamp media player. Open the address http://sourceforge .net/projects/streamripper/in the browser. Press the button with Download inscription located on the page. If necessary choose one of the sites mirrors from which the distribution kit will be received. Wait for the beginning of process of loading. Save the file of an installer on the hard drive.

Establish Streamripper. From the file manager, a window of the conductor or through dialogue the "Start of the program" available through the Execute point of the Start-up menu, start the module loaded at the previous stage. Follow instructions of the master of installation. As the established components choose Winamp Plugin and if you wishif you wish to have possibility of preservation of broadcastings by means of the console utility, Console Application.

Begin control of the established Streamripper. Start a Winamp player (then Streamripper will be started automatically) or pass into the folder with the established components of the program and start the wstreamripper.exe module. In the displayed Streamripper for Winamp window click the Oprions button.

Adjust parameters of connection of Streamripper. Pass to the Connection tab of open dialogue of Streamripper Settings. Activate the option TR to reconnect to the stream if it drops for ensuring automatic reconnection at connection loss. Establish a tag of Don't rip over X megs and enter value in the field of Megs if you wishif you wish to limit the maximum volume of the data taken by the appendix. Enter the proxy server address the field Proxy Server if connection happens through it.

Adjust parameters of preservation of broadcastings on a disk. Switch to the File tab. In the field of Output Directory enter a way to the folder in which the resulting sound files will have to be saved. Activate the option Rip to separate files for division of broadcastings into tracks.

Specify a template of names of the saved sound files. Switch to the Pattern tab. Enter a template in the field of Output file pattern. Data on symbols fillers, and also a template are by default provided in a tab. Press the OK button in dialogue. Unload Streamripper if it was started separately from a player.

Open broadcasting. Start Winamp. Press Ctrl+L, enter broadcasting URL in the appeared dialogue, press the Open button. In the list of reproduction of Winamp click on the added point twice. If the address of broadcasting is right, its reproduction will begin.

Keep broadcasting. Switch in the Streamripper window. Press the Start button. Wait for the moment when it is necessary to finish record of broadcasting. Press the Stop button. The saved sound files will be in a directory which was specified on the fifth step.