How to open shop of tea

How to open shop of tea

Couples decades ago in our country knew about tea not so much. Grades were subdivided on "good" and "other". Today the range strikes with the variety. At the same time appeared many real experts and tea judges. To open shop of tea today means much more, than it is simple to begin trade in one of food.

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The place under shop should be chosen with addiction. Tea – the product which is associated with the pleasant, cozy atmosphere and refinement. Therefore you will not suit rooms in bustling streets and about highways. It is necessary not only think over internal furniture, but also to pay attention to the objects located in close proximity to an entrance to shop. Also take care of an attractive facade. The important role is played by the ware used for storage and demonstration of tea on shelves and show-windows, and also packing.


Decide on the range of tea from the point of view of types and countries of origin. It is desirable to have available rare and elite grades of drink that will help to get constant buyers gourmets.


There are two main ways of ensuring regular deliveries of goods:
? Come into contacts with the licensed exporters of tea in China, India, Ceylon and in other countries. Visit of the international tea exhibitions at which global manufacturers and suppliers of tea are presented will help with this question, in particular.
? It is possible to adjust work through the Russian distributors and to buy tea in domestic market. In this case you will not need to deal with issues of logistics, a customs clearance, obtaining licenses, necessary for trade, and others.
Besides, it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account option of work on the franchasing license of one of a network of tea boutiques. As a rule, opening of business is in such a way interfaced to smaller risks and manages cheaper.


From the staff of shop of tea it is required not only politeness and attentiveness to buyers, but also information skill. The seller has to be able to tell about each type of tea presented in assortment competently. For giving of bigger solidity it is desirable to provide staff with specially developed uniform.


Quite logically in shop of tea to sell the accompanying goods: teapots, cups, services, container for storage, strainers, gift sets and other. Such accessories not only diversify a commodity row, but also will make for the owner additional profit.