As in the Opera to make Russian

As in the Opera to make Russian

The browser can be compared to "Operating system" for work on the Internet, and it is not surprising that users pay special attention to a choice and detailed control of this sort of programs on the personal computers. However, control process time comes to an end, without having begun, because of impossibility of a choice of language of the interface, as, for example, in Opera.

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Download other assembly of the browser. It is possible to allocate three main options of a complete set of Opera: portable, modified and initial. If the third is issued directly developers, the first two are more often created by simple users and absolutely not necessarily have support of Russian (in view of internal restrictions). Therefore it is extremely desirable to establish only Opera downloaded from the official site.

You can load the usual and international version of the browser. They differ from each other in language packages: the second has some built-in languages, the first demands their additional loading.

Start any downloaded browser option. In the left top corner you will see the button with an inscription of Opera which should be pressed. The small menu will open.

Select the Settings item, "Settings". In it – "General settings".

In the appeared window pass to the Main tab, and there – to the lowermost Language point, "Language". Depending on the version of the browser you will be able to choose "Russian" or "To load additional languages". In both cases after a choice click the apply button: the interface will be completely Russified. However the program cannot distinguish the Russian hand-written input yet.

In order that the messages entered to you automatically were checked for spelling and not underlined with the red wavy line – establish the corresponding package. Click with the right button of a mouse any field for input and select the Spelling item. The additional menu with already established options of check and the line "Load Additional Languages" will be highlighted. It is obvious that if Russian is already established – it is necessary to click it: it will be automatically established by default. Otherwise choose the menu of loadings, find the line Rus-Ru there and click "to Download".