When and as the opposition rally will take place

When and as the opposition rally will take place

From the moment of end of elections to the Russian parliament in the country passed a number of mass protest actions. The indignant "not system" opposition during meetings and street processions demanded cancellation of results of elections, referring to that their results were forged. Subsequently meetings of those who is dissatisfied with political system in the country, proceeded. Leaders of the oppositional movement intend to carry out public protest actions and further. The next large meeting it is planned to hold in October, 2012.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "When and as the Opposition Rally Will Take Place" What aims pursues the Russian opposition As passed "March of millions" That will cause "March of millions" On the meeting dated for Day of Russia the opposition main activities on the near-term outlook were defined. One of leaders of the protest movement Sergei Udaltsov announced so-called "The manifesto of free Russia" which has to become the program for future actions within the movement. The document contains requirements about release of detainees on the action which was carried out on May 6, 2012 about carrying out reform of an electoral system and a reorganization of all political life in the country.

One of basic requirements of opposition – to provide to the movement a broadcasting time on federal channels, and also to hold new early elections of parliament and the president. Most likely, these provisions of the manifesto will define actions of opposition in the next months. The number of requirements of opposition which will be imposed during the following large-scale action, included also social and economic slogans: increase of salaries, pensions, expansion of social guarantees. In such a way protesters try to recruit new segments of the population in future meetings.

During summer vacation of a protest action in regions will be continued, Udaltsov declared. It was offered to hold the next large meeting in Moscow on October 7, 2012, having dated it for birthday of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. It was decided to postpone this action to October 15 later. It is planned that the following meeting will be All-Russian and will be enough all regions of the country. Leaders of the protest movement intend to spend the remained time in regions of Russia, being engaged in propaganda.

Experts consider that exact date of the following mass action still will undergo adjustment. In conditions when interest of society in protest actions gradually dies away, it is not necessary to expect that the next meeting will collect millions of dissatisfied citizens over the country. Quiet carrying out future meetings will also be promoted by recent adoption of amendments to the legislation on meetings. The law toughened requirements to an order of carrying out mass actions, and also strengthened responsibility of participants and organizers for illegal actions.