How tasty to prepare lentil

How tasty to prepare lentil
How tasty to prepare lentil

Modest, presently unfairly almost forgotten lentil, fed mankind throughout long centuries. This product even is mentioned in the Bible, after all for a bowl of lentil soup Esau gave the primogeniture. Lentil - food cheap, but very nutritious and if it is correct to prepare it, will turn out a dish which and to an imperial table is not a shame for giving.

The preparation time of 32 minutes is required to you the Indian red lentil soup (Shorva Gave) 1-1/2 glasses of red lentil; 4 glasses of chicken broth (it is possible to replace with water); 1/2 teaspoons of powder of a turmeric; 3 centimeters of a root of ginger; 2 tomatoes; 1 glass of milk; 1/4 glasses of butter 1 bulb; 1 teaspoon of seeds of caraway seeds; salt pepper; 1/4 glasses of the cut fresh cilantro for ornament the Sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How Tasty to Prepare Lentil" How to prepare the stuffed pumpkin How to prepare a tasty julienne How to cook a borsch Polish with sausages


Before deciding that you will prepare, pay attention to what color that lentil that at you is. The red, orange and yellow lentil – cleared it prepares quicker and boils soft. From it it is accepted to cook soups, mashed potatoes, also it is extinguished with various other products and then she acts also as a thickener. Brown, gray and green lentil – in a cover. It prepares more long and after preparation keeps the form. It is suitable for garnishes and salads.

Before preparation lentil is touched, deleting the decoloured and deformed beans, wash out and dried. Unlike many others bean, it is not necessary to presoak it. Depending on a grade lentil cooks from 10 rumple till 1 o'clock.

Do not salt a lentil dish before it cooks. Do not add acid (tomatoes or tomato paste, wine). These components only increase a preparation time, and salt also does lentil rigid.

The Indian red lentil soup (Shorva Gave)

Touch, wash out and dry lentil. Will put it in a deep pan. Scald tomatoes boiled water, husk and cut. Put to lentil and add, a turmeric and the cleared cut ginger root. Fill in with broth or water and bring to boiling.

Reduce heating and cook, without covering from 10 to 20 minutes. The preparation time depends on that lentil, how fresh at you, - the more long it was stored, the more long will prepare. When lentil becomes soft, remove a pan from fire and a pyuriruyta soup the blender. Add milk and salt, return on fire and cook on small fire.

Kindle oil. Clear and cut onions a small cube. Put in a frying pan of lx and seeds of caraway seeds. Wait so far onions karamelizirutsya – will become brown. Serve soup warm, having generously strewed with karamelezirovanny onions, pepper and the cut cilantro.