When and as there will be a start of the rocket of the Mace

When and as there will be a start of the rocket of the Mace

The intercontinental Mace R-30 ballistic missile is intended for start-up from the newest submarines of the Boreas project 955. Now this development of the Russian military industrial complex is in an acceptance stage on arms.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "When and as There Will Be a Start of the Maces Rocket" As passed start of "Poplar" That for UFO the reasons of unsuccessful start of "Proton" saw in the sky over Israel and Georgia In what the First full test start of "Mace" took place on September 27, 2005. The rocket started with a nuclear submarine "Dmitry Donskoy" in the water area of the White Sea. Having flown by in 14 minutes more than 5 500 kilometers, the shell successfully hit the targets on the Kamchatka Chicken ground.

In total during tests 18 start-up six of which were unsuccessful are made, and two more are recognized as the partially successful. Nevertheless at the end of 2011 Dmitry Medvedev, being the Russian President, declared that the complex of naval strategic nuclear forces "Mace" will be taken advantage. That year all four test missile launches were successful, and the state tests were recognized as the complete.

"Mace" is capable to bear 6-10 hypersonic maneuvering nuclear warheads. Each of them is directed individually and is capable to change a flight trajectory at a course and height. Fighting blocks reach the power of 100-150 kilotons. The maximum flying range of the rocket – 8 000 meters. "Mace" as from depth, so from a surfaced state starts. Development of the Moscow institute heating engineers works at solid fuel that increases safety of operation in comparison with liquid and fuel rockets.

In March, 2012 the Russian Defense Ministry distributed information that in October-November from a board of the strategic nuclear submarine of the Boreas project 955 "Alexander Nevsky" two more start-up of "Mace" will be made. By then trial runs of the submarine will end, and it in case of successful tests will also be taken advantage.

In total till 2020 the Ministry of Defence plans to get eight submarines of the Boreas project. Rocket carriers will be able to bear onboard from 16 to 20 shells. Thus, the Mace complex has to form the basis of naval strategic nuclear forces of Russia.