How to treat heartburn at pregnancy

How to treat heartburn at pregnancy

Since 20th week of pregnancy, you can have a burning sensation, baking or sharp pain behind a breast. Such feelings are shown more often by the evening or after food. There is a number of councils which will help you will cope with this illness.

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Daily for breakfast cook for yourself porridge, instead of water add low-fat milk. Eat in the small portions. Can diversify the breakfast with dairy or oat kissel.


During the day consume the products neutralizing acidity in food. For example: milk, low-fat cottage cheese or cream, boiled meat, boiled or baked fish, vegetable oil.


During the day eat a little forest or almonds. Also can taste grated carrots.


Eat often, but in the small portions. Turn meal into a ceremony, drag out this process, paying special attention to each slice of food which got to your mouth.


Do not drink sparkling water, coffee or strong tea.


Do not smoke in general or at least reduce quantity of the smoked cigarettes to a minimum.


Forget about chewing gums.


Refuse the fat, fried and hot dishes. Do not eat a smoked product, sour berries and fruit.


Make camomile broth. For this purpose fill in a tablespoon of flowers with a glass of boiled water. Leave for 15 minutes. Drink no more than two glasses in day.


Put on clothes free, from natural fabrics. It is important that area of a stomach and stomach were squeezed by nothing.


Bend less, especially in the late afternoon.


After meal walk on foot in the fresh air.


Hold horizontal position not earlier, than in 40 minutes after meal.


Avoid stressful situations.


Do breathing exercises before going to bed. For this purpose sit down in a lotus pose, under buttocks put a small pillow that it was more convenient. As much as possible straighten shoulders, thus you should not feel tension and discomfort. Start taking not deep breaths and exhalations. Gradually increase time of a breath and exhalation.


Go to bed three hours later after the last use of food.


Fall asleep in the semi-sitting situation. For this purpose put big pillows under an upper body.


If all above-mentioned ways do not help, address to the doctor for prescription of medicines. Do not self-medicate.