How to get rid of a completeness complex

How to get rid of a completeness complex

The more you have complex in any occasion, the more people notice it. Fully the similar statement belongs to very widespread complex of completeness. How to overcome it, to cease to worry because of excessive weight?

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Weight – not the only parameter of an assessment of one person others. Find in yourself those qualities which can be appreciated, place emphasis on them, but not on weight. Not to a samounichizhayta of.


Remember that not excessive weight is terrible, and the psychological problems caused by it, complexes, experiences, fears. If the girl snub-nosed, she can turn it into identity, and can – in the problem disturbing to all her life. The same and with a weight. Change the attitude towards him if cannot get rid of it, and it will become much easier for you.


Replace fear of that darling because of excess weight will leave you, on other fear. Be frightened properly that it can leave you not because of weight, and because of your dislike for itself(himself). After all to love the person who does not love and does not respect himself, very difficult. It can tire so that no feelings remains. Therefore fall in love with yourself with all merits and demerits, such what you are. If it does not manage to be reached independently, address to the psychologist.


Work in the direction of reduction of weight. Decide on motivation: if you want to grow thin for the sake of other, their enthusiastic views it is not too effective. Convince yourself that lose weight for the sake of the health, for the sake of yourself.


Belong it is critical and objectively to estimates you other people. Perhaps, thick and ugly you are called by envious persons. Analyze a situation, do not believe everything that will hear. Try to fall in love with each kilogram and centimeter of your body and remember that you – identity and the outstanding personality.