How to bring dust out of lungs

How to bring dust out of lungs

Lungs are one of the most important parts of a human body. But, unfortunately, the modern ecology leaves much to be desired. All those toxic substances and dust which jump out air every day, settle on human lungs, causing various problems with respiratory system. But there are quite simple methods which will allow you to clear the lungs of dust.

It is required to you

- camomile;
- sage;
- calendula;
- eucalyptus oil (lavenders, lemon or tea tree);
- absorbent carbon;
- milk;
- three-colored violet.

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The most effective method of cleaning of lungs is inhalation. For this procedure use of collecting medicinal herbs which has to contain surely a camomile, a sage and a calendula is recommended. Regular procedures will help you to remove dust together with a phlegm.

For inhalations it is possible to use also essential oils. To clear lungs use oil of an eucalyptus, lavender, lemon or a tea tree. For inhalation part some drops of oil in alcohol or vodka as in water they are not dissolved, and only then add to the boiling water.

Every morning accept on two tablets of absorbent carbon. It will allow not only to clear lungs of dust, but also will well affect functioning of all organism.

Known folk remedy of clarification of respiratory system is milk. Drink at least on a glass every day, and in some weeks you will notice result. The matter is that milk as a sponge, absorbs in itself harmful substances which get into an organism through lungs. Milk is recommended to those people which work is connected with continuous inhalation of dust, for example, to builders, mechanics, etc.

Fine means is also the three-colored violet. Regularly drink green tea with a violet as extract of this plant stimulates work of the eyelashes covering airways that allows them to push out more intensively outside a phlegm and dust from lungs.

Very good means is considered as well massage of a back. For massage it is necessary to use natural honey. His technician it is very simple — it is necessary to warm up simply back muscles, previously having covered skin with a thick layer of honey.

Sea water positively affects work easy and all respiratory system also. Therefore if you have an opportunity to spend holidays by the sea, surely make it.