How to make a relief of muscles

How to make a relief of muscles

Beautiful relief muscles it is attractive and sexual. The relief body assumes long and laborious work on itself. But, the result is worth it, isn't that so? How to give to the muscles relief and to achieve perfection if you already gained sufficient muscle bulk? There are some rules at which observance it is possible to achieve tremendous results.

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Limit yourself in consumption of those products which conduct to increase in body weight. Forget about sweets and beer. Raise cardioloading (run or occupation on a velosimulator perfectly approaches), increase number of repetitions at reduction of weight of dumbbells or bars. Carry out trainings as before, do not increase and do not reduce number of occupations. Your purpose - to dry muscles and to give them a relief.


Increase number of meals, but eat those dishes which contain as little as possible fats and carbohydrates. Eat as much as possible protein. If your weight makes about 90 kg, adhere to day norm in 2500 calories.


Do not pass meal. Remember that at starvation your organism starts making a hormone a cortisol, and in this case your muscles become food for your organism. Do not allow it, differently you will lose muscular volume.


Use only qualitative and natural food. Only in this case you keep the necessary digestive speed. White loaf, chocolate bars, rolls and ice cream is those products which are not recommended to be used. If you have a strong feeling of hunger, drink skim milk. You can replace a half of a day diet with proteinaceous cocktails.


If you feel a breakdown, increase consumption of carbohydrate food. But before training you should not use it. Exclude such products as sweet desserts, alcoholic beverages, sausages, fat cheeses, ice cream from the diet. Fish, skim cheese, eggs, fresh fruit, chicken meat or beef has to become your favourites.


Be not afraid to use special additives. One of them is the carnitine which burns fats and keeps muscles. Besides, this additive promotes increase of level of testosterone. To bring unnecessary liquid out of an organism, you can drink coffee or tea, it is better green. Drink about 300 ml before occupations. Be sure of the forces and do not stop.