How to force to work the scanner

How to force to work the scanner

Appropriate functioning of the scanner is provided with its correct installation and observance of service regulations of the device. First of all, on the computer the driver from the producer of the scanner has to be installed, and all devices used at connection have to be serviceable.

It is required to you

- drivers;
- maintenance instruction of the scanner;
- fabric without pile.

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Install the scanner in in advance prepared place. At the switched-off computer connect the relevant ports of the computer and scanner among themselves. Connect a cable of power supply of the device to the adapter of alternating current, then connect it to the socket. Turn on the computer and the scanner. If the scanner is serviceable, on its case the green indicator will light up.


Install the scanner driver for the operating system used on the computer. For this purpose it is possible to apply a disk from a set of delivery of the scanner or to find the driver on the site of the producer of the device. If necessary establish other software recommended by the producer which is available on a disk.


Check functioning of the scanner in various operating modes. The following can be standard malfunctions of the scanner:

- lack of a luminescence of the indicator of food at connection of the device to an electric network;
- the computer does not distinguish the scanner;
- on the case of the scanner the red indicator shines;
- scanning is carried out very slowly.


Lack of a luminescence of the indicator of food testifies to malfunction of a power-supply circuit. For elimination of this shortcoming it is necessary to check serviceability of a safety lock, the adapter of alternating current and network cable. The faulty equipment needs to be replaced.


If the computer cannot distinguish the scanner, perhaps, the device was not installed properly. In a window of a device manager remove the driver of the scanner and establish it repeatedly.


The shining red indicator on the device means about its malfunction. As a rule, for this case the producer describes characteristic malfunctions of the scanner and a measure for their elimination in the maintenance instruction. Implement the recommendations specified in the instruction.


At slow scanning check, the device is connected to what port. Connection to slow port USB 1.1 can be of it a cause of defect. Connect the scanner to USB 2.0 port.