How to part a sterlet

How to part a sterlet

Sterlet – fish of family of sturgeons. It differs from other representatives of this sort in the size, a narrow nose, long bakhromisty short moustaches reaching a mouth, a two-separate lower lip and the adjoining lateral schitiks. Back color dark gray or grayish-brown, belly white. Usual weight and length of a trade sterlet are 0,5-2 kg and 30-65 cm, seldom 3-4 kg and 80-90 cm. Limit life expectancy makes 26-27 years.

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If on your garden site there is a reservoir, then it is necessary to clean and put it in full order properly. For the lack of it it is possible to dig out independently. The size and depth will depend only on you. The usual pool also will be suitable for cultivation of a sterlet.

For convenience of cultivation of fish use special cages. It is impossible to forget that the sterlet concerns to otkrytopuzyrny fishes and in the period of open water comes to a surface for swallowing a necessary portion of air. It will be most expedient to part it in open cages.

Fill a reservoir with ground or rain water. The content of oxygen in it has to be not lower than 5-6 mg/l, and optimum temperature of 20-22 °C. Periodically water has to change, such procedure needs to be carried out within twenty five days.

Buy the bred whitebaits. It is necessary to get them during the period from May to September. It is best of all to make it in the special farms which are engaged in cultivation of these fishes. Such whitebaits will be steadiest against different types of intervention of the person in their life and are less subject to a stress.

Young osetrik it is recommended to feed several times a day with water fleas, larvae of various insects, small Crustacea, and then sinks. Crustacea make the main food and an adult sturgeon. Watch quantity of a forage, it should not be too much.

At change of fish in a zimovalny place of her stay it is necessary to keep some days in five-percent salty water. It is necessary to destroy all parasites who can get together with fish to a zimovalny reservoir.

In winter time at low temperatures fish falls into hibernation. It should provide a condition of absolute rest as if she will be awake, will start spending forces and quickly to grow thin.