How to pump up the correct press

How to pump up the correct press

All of us aspire to an ideal figure. An ideal flat stomach with carved cubes - dream of all and everyone. Diets, difficult training programs, electrostimulators, fat-burning preparations - people are ready to do anything to reach an ideal. That you need really to do for achievement of an ideal press, except disposal of a fatty layer, so it is some simple exercises, doing which every day really to reach desirable result.

It is required to you

- chair
- laying
- soccerball
- rigid floor
- correct performance of exercises
- 20 minutes of time a day

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Lay down on a laying. Extend a body to the uniform line, hands lie from a trunk at an angle in 45 degrees on each side. Raise feet on 30 degrees from a floor, keeping them straight lines and slightly chat them 5-10 times. Repeat 5-6 times.


Lying on a laying, hands in a starting position. Tighten knees to a breast. To repeat 20-30 times. Hands remain on a floor, the head from a floor does not rise.

This exercise you render load of the lower part of an abdominal tension


Lying on a laying, bend feet at an angle in 45 degrees and put them on a chair. Bring hands for the head, fingers to the lock. Straining a press, tighten the head, bending a trunk, to knees. Feet remain are immovable. To repeat 25-30 times.


Get up directly, feet on width of shoulders. Take a soccerball in hand, extend it before the stomach, having slightly bent hands. Slowly turn the case after a ball to the right against the stop. After that turn after hands with a ball to the left against the stop, very slowly, straining press muscles. To make 30-40 turns, fixing the movement in extreme points.


Get up directly, feet on width of shoulders. Bring hands for the head, hands to the lock. Slightly bend feet in knees and, keeping a back in direct situation, bend in each party up to the end, touching by elbows of feet. To repeat 25-30 times.