How to add a background on the photo

How to add a background on the photo

Sometimes it is required to change a background to photos. For example, on a portrait stir the excess subjects which got on a background. Or there is a wish to make a card, having imposed on the photo of a field the image of a flower from other picture. All this can be made by means of the graphic editor.

It is required to you

- Adobe Photoshop editor.

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To add a background rather simply by means of the Adobe Photoshop program. For a start it is necessary to open the photo where you want to change a background. It is possible to make it through the File menu - Open or simple dragging of the file on a working field of the editor. First of all unblock a layer with the image (double click on the Layers panels (Layers)) on a layer with your photo.

Now it is necessary to clean an old background. It is possible to make it in various ways. The idle time - an eraser at a toolbar at the left. Erase by means of it an excess background. That there were no too sharp borders, reduce settings of hardness of an eraser (click by the right button of a mouse - Hardness). It is also possible to allocate an unnecessary background with "magic wand" (Magic Wand Tool), and then to press the Delete button. But in both of these cases there can be too roughly cut edges. Then it is worth using a mask.

At the left toolbar there is a badge: a circle in a rectangle (Edit in Quick Mask Tool). Press it. Then choose a brush with slightly diffuse edges. Reduce its value of rigidity (Flow) a little. Paint over a brush everything that you want to leave in the photo, - this area has to turn out reddish. If noticed that came for edges of a background, choose a usual eraser and erase a "excess" redness. Again press a circle badge in a rectangle. The background unnecessary you will be allocated, simply remove it with the Delete button.

Add a new layer (Layers - New - Layer). Copy that image which want to put instead of a background (the right button of a mouse - Copy - and then Paste) in this layer. Now this picture "blocked" the previous. At the right Layers toolbar simply drag a layer with a background under a layer with the initial image. Now the photo can be kept in any convenient format, for example JPG, by means of the Save as team.