How to pay a tax on the car

How to pay a tax on the car

The tax on the car belongs to transport taxes. It is raised from the car owner addressed to whom the vehicle is registered. The object of the taxation, tax base, the tax period, an order of calculation and tax rates are defined by the Federal legislation, for the rest it is necessary to be guided by the legislation of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation.

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At emergence of a duty to pay a transport tax on the car, it is necessary to consider that the condition of the car, term of operation do not influence need of payment. The obligation for payment is similarly assigned to everyone car owners.

If you the legal entity, a tax on the car pays off you independently. Rather natural persons the situation is different, for them the tax counts tax authority.

Calculation of a tax is perfromed by multiplication of the corresponding coefficient by number of horsepowers. If during operation any changes were made to the car that entailed change in characteristics, it is necessary to report about it in a car place of registration. It is required to make the specified actions in order that changes were made to technical data sheet of the car as it influences calculation of a tax.

The term of payment of a tax on the car cannot be established before November 1 of the year following the expired tax period - for natural persons, and not earlier than February 1 – for legal. Concrete term is established by the regional legislation.

The tax authority sends to the address of the taxpayer - the natural person, the notice of a duty to pay a tax. The notice goes the registered mail, and it is considered received after six days from the moment of sending the registered mail. Along with the notice the payment order payment on which can be made in bank, or office of a mail service goes.

Payment of a tax on the car according to the payment order has to be made within thirty days from the moment of obtaining the document.

If you sell the car, also there is an obligation for payment of a tax. But in this case it will be a question of a tax on the income of natural persons. Such tax should be paid no later than April 30 of the year following the reporting period.